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Meat Department

Wynn's meat department has stood by its standards of excellence for over fifty years.   Since offering Naples its first refrigerated meat case in 1950, the meat department has prepared exclusive cuts of quality meat for its customers.   Today, the full-service cases are manned by experienced butchers who prepare choice cuts for quick convenience, as well as for your specific cuisine needs.   The friendly staff also readily provides preparation tips and simple, but succulent, recipes that ensure your cut of meat turns out perfectly-seasoned and tantalizingly tender.

As they always have, Wynn's presents meat from established American companies like Boar's Head, Bell & Evans, Perdue, Schaller & Weber, Davis Mountain, and Empire Kosher. These companies' commitments to quality help maintain Wynn's high standards.   The certified A-Brand Angus steaks, kosher poultry, organic beef, and MSG and hormone-free pork offer customers delicious and healthy dining options.  

Pennsylvania Dutch-raised ducks and turkeys, traditional New York-style sausages, and delicate gaming fowl round out Wynn's enticing selections.  

With Wynn's choice cuts and dedication to quality, dining in is becoming Naples' finest cuisine experience.

Call or stop in for all your Meat and Poultry needs: (239)-261-7157


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