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Recipes: Soup

Don's Shark River Fish Chowder

2 or 3 lbs. snook filets
1 rib of celery
6 slices smoked bacon
12 baby carrots
2 lbs. white potatoes
3 bay leaves
1 onion
1 sm. can milk

Cut bacon into small pieces; fry. Pour off half of oil. Chop onion fry in balance of oil. Chop potatoes, carrots and celery; boil until tender. Boil fish until white and flaky. Break fish into small pieces. Put all into pot. Add bay leaves, salt and black pepper. Simmer for 30 minutes. Add can milk to serve.   Note from Linda: When any of the guys in our family go to Shark River with Dad, they always come home bragging about Dad's cooking. Shark River chowder is an all-time favorite among the fisherman in the Wynn family.

Peanut Butter Soup

1/4 stalk celery
3/4 c. peanut butter
1/2 sm. onion
1 c. milk
1 T. butter
2 c. chicken broth
1 T. flour
1/4 tsp. Worcestershire

Melt butter, add celery and onion. Mix flour and peanut butter. Slowly add milk. Add chicken broth; bring to boil. Lower heat. Cook and stir 1 minute.

Prize-Wining Taco Stew

1 lb. lean ground beef
1 1/4-oz. env. Taco seasoning
1 med. Onion, chopped
10 3/4 -oz. can tomato soup, undiluted
15 1/4-oz. can whole-kernel corn, Un-drained  
1 c. water
10-oz. can diced tomatoes with Chilies, un-drained
baked tortilla chips
Monterey Jack cheese, grated
15-oz. can pinto beans in chili sauce, un-drained

Brown beef drain and rinse with hot water to remove excess fat. Combine all ingredients except tortilla chips and cheese in a Dutch oven.   Simmer on low. To serve, crumble tortilla chips in a serving bowl and cover with a generous helping of stew. Sprinkle with cheese. Makes 4 to 6 servings.

Mom's Vegetable Beef Soup

2 lbs. stew beef or a sm. roast
Salt and pepper
1 onion
Bay leaf
2 stalks celery
1 bag frozen mixed vegetables
3 carrots                       (opt.)
1 or 3 potatoes
3 cans tomatoes or about 3 lbs. Fresh tomatoes

Cut up beef into small pieces and trim excess fat off. Boil beef with chopped onion in 3 to 4 courts of water until tender. Add chopped, celery, carrot and potatoes. Mash or chop tomatoes, and tomatoes and any juice from them to the soup. Add a bay leaf, but remove before serving! Simmer 11 hour or until all ingredients are tender and tasty. Mom's soup always warms the heart on a cool evening in N.C or when the temperature finally drops below 70? in Naples, this soup is a welcome meal.